How Much Homemade Dog Food Should You Serve?

Several studies showed that the problem of obesity is not exclusive to human beings.  Even pets suffer from them, especially dogs.  This is why it is highly important to be very conscious of the food they eat.  It has always been considered better to give them homemade dog food rather than commercial ones.  However, how much of these dog food recipes should be cooked and thereafter given to them?


Dog food nutrition is important; there is no question about that.  However, much as it is easy to know the percentages of nutrients that should be included in the homemade dog food recipes that you should prepare for your pet, it is very hard to gauge how much and how frequent this food should be given.  This is because the available guidelines on this are quite general and may not be applicable in all cases.  A pet dog’s nutritional requirements actually vary according to many factors like its body weight, age, genetics, breed, amount of activity and the climate where it lives.


The foremost culprits in the problem of obesity in dogs are the owners themselves.  They are guilty of feeding their pets too much and in excess of their needed calories.  Research showed that 25% of dogs and cats are overweight.  Although you may find your dog cute while looking very fat, you should first bear in mind that obesity can shorten their lives.  It is also a cause of many health problems in dogs such as diabetes, liver problem, skin disorder, and arthritis and bladder cancer.  Trying to treat them with this illness will put them in grave danger, even just while administering the anesthesia alone.  What more with the surgery itself. 


So if you want your pet dog to live very long, treat them like human beings.  Give to them only the best dog food and make possible for them a healthy and balanced diet.   If you do, you can be assured that they will brighten your day all the time.